Erin Maruska on the Bodhi Suspension System at LB Pilates Studios in Biel, Switzerland

LaBriece has taught me Pilates for over eight years. When I felt that my journey should become more independent, I began my certification as a Pilates Instructor. Through this process, she has mentored me and has been an encouraging voice all along the way. Her passion and perfectionism in the practice of Pilates have helped me develop confidence in my teaching skills.

One of her outstanding skills is the coaching and instructing of male clients. My husband was a classic begrudging, stereotypical male that thought Pilates was a leotard wearing, pseudo-jazzercise fitness class. I was amazed that she was able to get him to take a duet class with me. While he was skeptical at first, through her coaching, he learned the unique benefits Pilates gives to stay in shape and increase his physical fitness. He also felt the discomfort limping around days after his Pilates workout and knew it was building strength. Teaching men may be a missed opportunity in most Pilates studios. If taught and approached correctly, male clients can be challenged and recognize that Pilates can be a hardcore workout.

~Erin Maruska, Pilates Instructor, Arizona, U.S.A.

Rebecca Corbascio working on her personal practice during a Zoom Mat Session with LaBriece

LaBriece is the best Pilates instructor I’ve come across in my life.  She is knowledgeable, positive, engaging and has made me truly enjoy Pilates. It’s her attitude and approach toward Pilates that has made me want to become an instructor!  LaBriece’s mentoring program is a full emersion experience both in-person and online. With an energetic spirit and her extensive knowledge, LaBriece encourages all her teacher-students to ask questions, be involved during mentoring sessions and observe classes so that we may learn Pilates instruction with confidence. I feel I’ve been given the advantage of a lifetime by having LaBriece as my Mentor and Master Instructor.  I don’t know what I’d do without her!  Joseph Pilates once said, ” Everyone is the architect of their own happiness” and I am truly happy with LaBriece as my mentor.  I also have the privilege to teach on location at her studio in Biel. Thank you so much LaBriece for everything! 

~Rebecca Corbasio, Pilates Instructor, Switzerland

Laurie Williams in her home studio executing Semi Circle during an Advanced Reformer Zoom Session with LaBriece

LaBriece has been mentoring me in my Pilates Instructor training since 2016.  Her willingness to share skills, knowledge, and expertise has been absolutely integral in my becoming a sought after Pilates Instructor.  She gives 150% of herself to her mentees. LaBriece has challenged and supported me and has helped to instill in me the true value of the Pilates Method. Finding a mentor like LaBriece is very difficult and I am always extremely grateful that she is always there with help and answers to all my questions, no matter how small.  I continue to learn and will continue to learn and understand more about the Method every year I am under her mentorship.

~Laurie Williams, Pilates Instructor, Arizona, U.S.A.

Emma Marcon at her home studio in France where she perfects her newly learned skills on the chair

Every day I thank destiny that I chose LaBriece Ochsner to train me as a Pilates Instructor! Not only are her instructor training courses very energetic with a high level of professionalism, but she is also demanding in a way that encourages me to continually challenge myself. This leads me to keep updating my own teaching in a way that has me question my approach so that it is for both my personal benefit (in that my teaching skills are honed and improved) and of course for my clients and class participants. 
LaBriece makes a point of taking time out for the instructors that she mentors. We stay in touch with emails, WhatsApp group chats and Zoom sessions. She answers all of my questions on both the movements and exercises as well as the pedagogy of Pilates. She is especially skilled with explaining how to adapt clients that have unique bodies or even personalities! 
I was so impressed that LaBriece even took time out to travel from Switzerland to France 200km to visit me and see me teach in my environment and in the French language in order to give me feedback and encouragement. She also helped and advised me in the most effective set-up of my home studio. 
After successful completion of my Pilates Mat Instructor training with LaBriece, she encouraged me to do the Reformer training. She was so right! Thanks to the addition of the Pilates Reformer, I have diversified my skills as an instructor, as a personal trainer and have more clients than ever. I’m so grateful that she saw and believed in my potential
I’m so grateful that I continue to take Zoom classes on a weekly basis with LaBriece in both the Matwork and on the Reformer. This way I have continued to progress in my personal practice. But more so than this, after each class with LaBriece I feel a renewed sense of inspiration and motivation which prevents me from falling into the rut of a monotonous routine at the professional level. With LaBriece I feel like I’m always being challenged and always learning something new

~Emmanuelle Marcon, Pilates Instructor, France

Love LaBriece!  Her down to earth, no nonsense approach to pilates is a breath of fresh air.  I attended a mentoring session on springs settings (for the chair)- especially geared towards training male clients.  Slick, generous and extremely approachable LaBriece has really helped me to be brave with the springs, more economical with language and give the guys a super effective workout!  She is great at spotting the details (even on Zoom) and didn’t let me get away with half measures. Looking forward to the next one!

~Heidi Monsen, BC Pilates Instructor, U.K.