The Pilates Mentor Program


Let me help ALLEVIATE the frustrations of unanswered questions.

Let me help you become the BEST pilates instructor you can be.

Let me take you where you WANT to be with The Pilates Mentor Program.

Welcome to The Pilates Mentor Program where I will help answer those Pilates teaching and movement questions that keep you up all night. I know how you feel. I was there too. I remember what it feels like to struggle with those questions that seem like there must be a simple and direct answer, but you just don’t know who to ask. I never had anyone to ask and that is why it is my mission to create a mentoring program where all your questions can and will be answered. Simply, directly, and easily, so that everyone can understand and apply the knowledge right away!

Have you ever wanted to cross-train athletes with Pilates? This is where you can learn! As a former competitive athlete, my approach to Pilates is one that focuses on flow, smooth transitions and simple clear cuing. I know what it takes to be top in my game and what it means to be a champion. I will help you tap into that and hone it in your teaching. Discover your inner-champion.

The ever critical topic: MEN. Why are there not more doing Pilates? I specialize in HOW TO TRAIN MEN in the Pilates method and you will learn to understand that there are many differences in how we need to teach men and how to get them in the door. But most importantly, how to keep men hooked on the Pilates Method by helping them understand and experience the benefits. . . with RESULTS.

All mentoring sessions take place virtually through Zoom and are fully interactive. You can participate with or without access to the equipment. For the program topics and dates of the 2021 program, please go to the program topics page for details.

Your search has ended. You have found The Pilates Mentor Program. You will never feel alone again! I am here for you and I hear you. ~LaBriece