Hello Students of The Pilates Method!

Welcome to The Pilates Mentor, where you will find the answers to your Pilates questions with me, Pilates Master Teacher, LaBriece Ochsner. To join The Pilates Mentor Program, first read through the program description on the main page. If it resonates with you and you like what I’m offering, simply fill out the “Join The Pilates Mentor Program” form to sign up for my list of people interested in the program. Details to follow in the coming weeks as the launch date approaches.

This site is also where you can ask questions or leave inspirational comments that you know others would love to hear. Rest assured that I will be the one responding to you directly. This site is managed exclusively by me. It is your direct connection to me and others like yourself who are seeking guidance in this often overwhelming world of Pilates that we live in.

I’m looking forward to meeting you and helping to guide you on your Pilates teaching journey. ~LaBriece

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